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LED faucet

Ever need to know the temperature of the water coming from your faucet without wanting to actually touch the water? Or maybe you just want to turn your faucet into an awesome dance rave party area. Either way, this LED faucet nozzle should do the trick. It connects right to the end of your faucet and replaces your existing aerator, and let you know whether the water coming out of it is hot or cold.

Just screw it onto your faucet and turn on you hot or cold water. If cold water comes out of your faucet, the LED will illuminate blue, if the water is hot, the LED will illuminate red, and if the water is luke-warm or around room temperature, the LED will illuminate green.

LED Faucet Nozzle Changes Color With Water Temperature - LED light-up aerator

The LED faucet nozzle will fit most standard sized faucets, and is completely powered by the movement of the water inside of the device. This means no batteries or external power source is necessary.

LED Faucet Nozzle Changes Color With Water Temperature - LED light-up aerator

  • Easy Installation
  • Smart sensors
  • Built-in LED lights, no batteries and external power supply, it will illuminate after water flows down
  • Transforming the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light. Offer you a delight,wonderful and romantic experience
  • Made of ABS material with excellent corrosion resistance
  • Ideal for bathroom or kitchen to make it fantastic
  • Material: ABS
  • LED emitting color: Multi-color
  • Size: 24*35mm(outside diameter * height)
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